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Zibo Mod B737-800X

This is the Zibo mod Version for X Plane 12 . It is the complete aircraft up to and including the version mentioned. PLEASE NOTE that you also have to read the "changelogs" at the bottom of this main post to see the changes and...


This is the Zibo mod Version for X Plane 12 . 
It is the complete aircraft up to and including the version mentioned. 

PLEASE NOTE that you also have to read the "changelogs" at the bottom of this main post to see the changes and REQUIREMENTS
. No one can help YOU if YOU do not read and follow the instructions correctly!

!!! The latest X Plane version is required to run this new version of the Zibo mod !!!

By special permission from Lubos and by arrangement with, I will use this platform to distribute the Zibo mod as a complete aircraft and update it on a weekly basis if an update/fix was released  during that week. You are welcome to download it and then patch it on your side if you want to update it yourself or you can wait for the update when I pubish the next complete version here.

This is the same files as in our Google drives or on the Torrents.
The only difference is the update interval and that this file actually includes all previous updates/fixes already included up to the time that it is published. Press the question mark (?) on the EFB to see the version that you have!

New Fresh Installation:
1) Open the Zip file 
2) Extract the B737-800X folder directly into your X-Plane 12\Aircraft folder

Updating an exisiting Zibo mod Installation:
Before you start, please check the version of the Zibo mod that you have BEFORE you accidentally downgrade your model!
- Find your version by pressing the question mark in the top right hand corner of the EFB then follow the instructions below.

1) Please make a backup of your preferences files as well as any other files that you might have customized such as X-RAAS or any of the default liveries's cfg files before proceding to update the Zibo mod with this download.
All default Zibo mod files will be overwritten during the update process!
2) Open the Zip file 
3) Extract the B737-800X folder directly into your X-Plane 12\Aircraft folder. Over write all the files when prompted
4) Copy your backup files back into position

My full, official Zibo mod install guide for XP12 can be downloaded here

Official Support for the Zibo mod: DO NOT ASK FOR SUPPORT HERE, ON THIS PAGE
(Please read the pinned posts first to orientate yourself towards specific subthreads)
1) The Zibo Mod Support Forum -
2) The Zibo Mod, XP12 Early Access, Spesific thread on the Zibo forum -

Additional Resources:
1) Our Discord Server -
2) The Zibo Pilot's Group -
3) My YouTube channel -
This is also where we showcase the latest news related to the Zibo mod and publish official tutorials we make together + have fun doing group flights etc.

Direct Donations to Zibo:

Zibo Zibo mod
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October 08, 2022
Sidst opdateret
3 day(s) ago — 4.0 RC 4.6


4.0 RC 4.6


1.87 GB



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3.8/5.0 — Godt!
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  • Opdateret til version 4.0 RC 4.6

  • Opdateret til version 4.0 RC4.4

  • Opdateret til version 4.0 RC 4.3

  • Opdateret til version 4.0 RC3.8

  • Opdateret til version 4.0 RC3.5

  • Opdateret til version 4.0 RC2.9

  • Initial File Release


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© Lubos Zibek (Zibo) - All rights reserved. Enhver genindlæsning eller videredistribution af denne fil uden forudgående skriftligt samtykke fra forfatteren er forbudt. Denne Flight Simulator 2020 Mod blev skabt af Lubos Zibek (Zibo) and shared in Aircraft » Airline Aviation til X-Plane 12.

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1 month(s) ago / Takket af Skymatix

Thank you for all you do for the Flight Sim Community. Great WORK!!!!

Thanks ! Works flawlessly when using Linux.

Works perfectly fine for me and im loving it thanks so much

how too install on Mac @skymatix

won't work\

keys don't work

Still giving Vulkan Error -_-

I am tired by the untimely disconnections of the autopilot on all versions that come out for XP12



3 month(s) ago / Takket af Skymatix

Man, a lot of you don't know how to read a manual. If you did, you would've read that you need to disable Window's "Hardware-accelerated GPU scheduling" in order to make this plane load correctly. Disabling that requires you to restart your computer. After that, the plane will load normally. This is why a lot of you are getting the "vulkan device lost" error. You could also just load a flight with the default cessna, then immediately load a new flight from there with the zibo plane and you're good to go without disabling Window's GPU scheduling.

What the hell are u doing? You post tons of updates,but the main problem still exists!!!! It's just ridiculous,that u have to load a default acft prior loading the Zibo. Maybe u have to focus on this bug instead of making useless updates.

PS The aircraft itself is really good,but u have to work on full xp12 compatibility!

Version 4.0 RC2.7 still will not load. Error dialog box says something about Vulcan. It worked the first time, but not since even though I removed the plane and installed again.

This is garbage. You can't even boot into the aircraft. Do some troubleshooting and try loading this aircraft on different types of PC's before you go publishing them. You got me really happy thinking I could fly an updated Zibo in Xplane 12, so I'm very bummed.

После 2-3 минут загрузки зависает и больше не прогружается, получается его загрузить только после загрузки любого другого самолета. Все делал по мануалу

thank you

were there any changes for taxi lights dataref in 5.7? I have OVHD panel integration with lua script that was reading switch position value from laminar/B738/toggle_switch/taxi_light_brightness_pos, but with 5.7 it returns nil...

good version but CTD XPLANE12 if use betterpusback of the tablet

i have installed the zibo for xplane12, i followed each step to download it, but when i load into the zibo, it loads for around 5/7 minutes and then my xplane crahses, never had with with all my other planes like ff and toliss.., i have a friend who has it and works perfectly for him.

Great work done so far! Suddently the ILS (APP,VOR/LOC) doesn't work :/

anytime i try to start a flight using the 737-800X, it crashes with the error message of "An airfoil could not be found!"

I cant download the Beta version just goes back to need update the stops any Suggestions TIA

Wrong version (3.55) is downloading for me, even though the button clearly says 4.0



7 month(s) ago / Takket af Skymatix

Running B738X_XP12_EA_4_0 with great success on my Max Studio on the X-Plane 12 platform. The Zibo 737 is excellent in all manners and highly reccommended. Thanks for the continuous updates!

Disse varer er i øjeblikket på listen og vil snart blive behandlet!
Forslag, fejl og idéer til fremtiden.

  • Version 4.0 RC 4.6 October 01, 2023

    Version 4.0 RC4.6
    - retuned AP and servo
    - fixed bugs

  • Version 4.0 RC4.4 September 18, 2023

    Changelog V4.0 (RC v4.4)
    - fixed bugs (Error 28,...)
    - add morse code sound for radios

  • Version 4.0 RC 4.3 September 16, 2023

    Changelog v3.7 to 4.3
    - fixed bugs (TOGA - LNAV armed, VNAV calc without destination STAR/APP/RW,...)
    - fixed bugs (slats hydraulic, LNAV pre-armed, PFD red/black speed tape,...)
    - fixed bugs (add STAR, LVL CHG/VNAV SPD, A/T,...)
    - fixed bugs (waypoints on ND, check altitude restrict entry,...)
    - add command for external airstairs switch
    - fixed landing gear
    - fixed spoilers "jump"
    - fixed spoilers, taxi... (still in progress,,,)
    - fixed bugs (spoilers, taxi, hydraulic,...)
    - fixed bugs (direct to last waypoint)
    - fixed bugs (Direct to last wpt, engines, FMC,...)
    - fixed AP (pitch oscillation)

  • Version 4.0 RC3.8 August 27, 2023

    Changelog v3.6 to 3.6
    - fixed bugs (TO GA, recycle FDs, xlua scripts,...)
    - fixed bugs (TOGA - LNAV armed, VNAV calc without destination STAR/APP/RW,...)
    - fixed bugs (slats hydraulic, LNAV pre-armed, PFD red/black speed tape,...)

  • Version 4.0 RC3.5 August 15, 2023

    Changelog v3.0 to 3.5
    - fixed bugs (AP, FMC, systems,..)
    - fixed AP - FD roll
    - tuned AP and FD (special for turbulent weather)
    - fixed bugs (AP, FD, Approach rating, Brakes, FD legs,...)
    - tuned AP and FD (VS, ALT HLD, LNAV, VOR LOC, GS, FLARE)
    - fixed bugs in roll modes (and other fixies like Feel diff press...)

  • Version 4.0 RC2.9 July 16, 2023

    - fixed bugs (Mac/Lin -, WX radar range on ND,...)

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